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About Maku

Maku Kitchen Life is a brand owned by Tammer Brands Oy. Tammer Brands Oy is a family business from Tampere founded in 1954, which is now managed by the third generation. Tammer Brands is one of Northern Europe's leading consumer goods companies. Tammer Brands has 20,000 products from over 50 brands.

The Maku Kitchen Life brand targets everyone who wants to enjoy food preparation and beautiful serving. The offer includes all products needed for food preparation, baking, serving and storage. The brand's goal is that with the help of Maku products everyone can succeed and enjoy cooking and a comfortable kitchen atmosphere.



Designation Responsible choice

Designation Responsible choice.

The brand is a proprietary symbol of Tammer Brands; says that the manufacturing of the product took into account the effects of liability.


We strive to reduce the amount of product packaging materials without compromising product protection. In particular, we are committed to reducing the amount of plastic in packaging. We prefer recyclable packaging materials such as cardboard. Packaging recycling instructions are marked on the packaging.